Contract Manufacturing

We provide complete turnkey solutions from conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing, implementing and supporting advanced factory automation systems. We provide customers with the solutions they need to enhance productivity and achieve their manufacturing goals.
Under one roof we can provide the complete integration and interfacing of pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical and electronic, PLC programming, robotic programming and related automation requirements.

Manufacturing Solutions

  • Industrial Automation and Robotics
    • System Integration
    • Robot Programming
    • PLC Programming
    • Installation and Commissioning
  • BIW Fixture Manufacturing
    • Spot Welding
    • Arc Welding
    • Hemming Stations
  • Conveyors and Material Handling Systems

Manufacturing Specialization

  • Fixture Manufacturing
    • Machining Fixtures
    • Welding Fixtures (Non-BIW) Spot, Arc
    • Assembly Fixtures
    • Checking Fixtures
  • Material Handling Equipments
    • Grippers
    • Tackles
  • Tool and Die Manufacturing
    • Press Tools
    • Moulds
  • Machine Manufacturing
    • General Purpose
    • Special Purpose

Manufacturing Facilities

  • World Class Design and Manufacturing Center (Existing)
  • Qualified Sales, Purchase and Application Team
  • Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing Facilities
  • Material Handling Facilities
  • Inspection Facilities
  • Assembly Facilities
  • Skilled technicians, scrapers and assembly technicians supervised by experienced engineers of reputation in the field of Machine Toolsv
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