Plastic Flow Analysis

3DCAD provides extensive analytical solutions for any kind of plastic injection molding requirements using Plastic Flow Simulation.

The Solutions

  • Fill Analysis
  • Cooling Analysis
  • Shrinkage / Warpage Analysis
  • Insert Mould Analysis

Typical services for optimization are:

  • Suggesting Gate Locations
  • Runner Balancing
  • Flow Balancing
  • Wall Thickness Distribution
  • Injection and Packing Profiles
  • Cooling Line Layout Optimization
  • Cooling Agent Temperature and Process Management

We provide sustainable predictions on the following:

  • Complete Injection Molding Process
  • Minimum Cycle Time
  • Fibre Orientation
  • Clamping force directly influencing the Machine size

Simulation Benefits

  • Cost savings in the following process:
    • Part and mould development
    • Production of new parts by quality improvements
  • Time savings in the part and mould development
  • More precise evaluation of the product costs
  • Early detection of possible problems (FMEA) and solutions
  • Reduction of mould trial loops
  • Automatic geometry generation and meshing
  • Detection of reasons for shrinkage and warpage and determination of possible solutions
  • Reduction of cycle times by optimized cooling systems
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