• Dimensional - The ability to measure multiple axes of an object to get the whole dimension.
  • Profile - CMM can capture profile information and the form of both 2D and 3D objects.
  • Angle - Angles and orientation of two different points of an object can easily be measured.
  • Depth - The ability to map the depth of any object with the use of two stereo images

Laser Radar

  • The laser radar is a programmable contactless measurement system with high accuracy.
  • it can be fully automated and can directly measure holes, studs, bolts, along with many other features accurately from a large standoff.
  • The laser radar measures up to 2,000 points/second, making it suitable to measure features and scan surfaces.
  • The ability to offline program the laser radar makes it ideal for inline inspections; different vehicle models on the same assembly line are simply a new inspection program.
  • The laser radar is proven in industry as a reliable precision measurement instrument and is used in automotive, locomotive & aerospace applications.

Robotic Laser Inspection

  • This inline method involves inspection through 6-axis robot arms mounted on either side of the production line.
  • With the help of laser rays, it is possible to automatically inspect areas otherwise hidden the from the line of sight because of the doorframe or other body panels.
  • The robot can move around the laser-radar, guaranteeing collection of measurements of vehicle coordinate with precise accuracy. This data is feed into a software which processes it and gives instant reports
  • The addition of new vehicles styles in the future only needs a re-programming of the inspection plan.